Christmas Candy Buffet at the Westin-Book Cadillac

Cadillac Candy Buffet Detroit

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet designed this super-sweet candy buffer for a corporate Christmas party at the world famous Four Star Book-Cadillac (Westin) Hotel in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Cotton Candy

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet used many Christmas Candy favorites including everyone’s favorite sweet-treat, COTTON CANDY!

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate coated truffles are one of the most requested items we provide!

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate bells are always a smile-maker. And as always, Metro Detroit Candy Buffet uses props and decorations to make their candy buffet’s LOOK as amazing as they taste!

People and Candy

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet’s are a HUGE hit with guests, and tend to become the center of the event!

Royal Blue & Avacado Themed Wedding Candy Buffet

Blue and Avacado Buffet

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet recently created this simple and elegant Candy Buffet for a wedding in Rochester, Michigan incorporating the bride and grooms favorite candy including Runts, chocolate covered almonds, Swedish Fish, Tootsie Rolls, cotton candy, Good & Plenty, and saltwater taffy. By incorporating the wedding parties candy favorites, this Candy Buffet really helped share with their guests who they are, what they like, and how they like to have fun!

Michigan Saltwater Taffy

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet, we pride ourselves on providing our clients the best candy available. This Michigan-made Saltwater Taffy is always a hit!

Wendy and Buffet

Wendy Stickley of Metro Detroit Candy Buffet puts the finishing touches on the Royal Blue & Avocado Wedding Candy Buffet. Wendy’s attention to detail and “Sweet-tooth” design experience ensures that every Candy Buffet looks and tastes amazing!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Candy Buffet

Metro Detroit Candy Buffet was able to step up at the last minute and help create a custom “Very Hungry Caterpillar” themed Candy Buffet for a first birthday party for a client who was in a bind. Customer service, customization, and creativity are what drives Wendy & Keith at Metro Detroit Candy Buffet!

Caterpillar Buffet

Wendy created this custom Candy Buffet based on the children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Using a mix of candy favorites like Runts, Fruit Slices, chocolate, and cotton candy, this buffet made the party even sweeter!


Metro Detroit Candy Buffet – Candy Guitar Sculpture

Candy Guitar Sculpture

Wendy Stickley at Metro Detroit Candy Buffet also is capable of making magnificent sculptures of candy – perfect for your events centerpieces or decoration. Wendy created this life-sized Squire Candy Guitar using Michigan-Made Saltwater Taffy for the body of the guitar, PEZ to outline the guitar, white chocolate peanut butter cups for the dials, and Hershey Kisses for the tuning screws.

Interested in having Wendy create a candy sculpture for you? Email her at!